Dear John Stepper,

Networking has always been part of my life, bringing people together my favorite thing to do. So I thought: “I know perhaps not all, but a lot about that. The wol-tasks with all this connecting and praising are eh klar, how the austrian people would say. Noting new.” But how wrong have I been! The working out loud – tasks, John Stepper once created, open the door to a world of new possibilities. The idea, to write little stories about and “love” letters to those people you appreciate is already pretty wonderful. Doing it during the wolmeeting, setting the timer on 20 minutes and afterwards reading it loud to your colleagues is rewarding and heartwarming at the same time. While my goal was to focus on my business appearance in press and TV, it shifted towards writing my first book, dealing with childhood trauma and: Podcasting! Hello? That has actually not been my intention. But all signs pointed in this direction and it was the circle, the girls in our circle and the amazing tasks, given by John, that created this logical next step towards the former goal. Had I not signed up for this program, by no means I would have ever accomplished any of what has happened in these so very productive three months.

Can you imagine leading a huge, perhaps worldwide movement, that brings help and joy to the people? Think about the consequences, when your network becomes bigger and bigger while your idea brings people together. Wouldn`t it be nice to not fear each others` competition but to see the different USP´s? My idea is to free voices, not in a political way but in the physical way. I am a rhetoric trainer and I love well trained, nice sounding voices. In my former life I was an opera prompter so my Podcast is named: Ich flüster dir was! which directly translated means I whisper you something!

Not only will the listener have the opportunity to learn about voice in all kinds of contexts but also to train the own voice to be more versatile during free speech, team presentation or reading a good night story.

Thank you Sebastian Moock for the photo shooting!